Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enjoy L.A. - Eat Out More Often! - Saugus Cafe since 1887!

Saugus Cafe is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles County. It started life as Tolfree's (Southern Pacific) Eating House in 1887, owner J.H. Tolfree also ran Southern Pacific eating houses in Bakersfield and Mojave. Tolfree also took over the Nadeau Hotel in November 1895. The following July, J.H. Tolfree's wife (aged 28) died at the family's home in Mojave and was interred in Los Angeles at the Rosedale Cemetery. J.H. Tolfree died January 16, 1897 of either suicide (rumored) or 'apoplexy' (official cause of death) and joined her at Rosedale. Tolfree's brother Lyman (L.H. Tolfree), a prominent hotel man in Scottsdale, AZ, seems to have taken over the Tolfree's Eating House and run it until selling to Martin & Richard Wood. More to come on the history later, BUT in the meantime- stay away from the (watery) biscuits and gravy and make sure to request onion if you order a burger. I'm thinking its better to stay with the staples here. Don't get too fancy. And-unless-you-like-to-be-the-fly-on-the-wall-checking-out-the-scene---- stay away from late nights.