Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enjoy L.A. - Eat Out More Often! - La Villa Basque since 1960

I've got a list of places that are only open during the work week to hit up on one of those rare occasions I have such a day available. La Villa Basque has been on the top of that list for quite a long time. I was recently able to cross it off and it was definitely worth the wait. Located in the industrial hub of Vernon (only 90 residents were listed in 2008), and as a result it's easy to see why its only open during the week. The restaurant is owned by the town's (former) Mayor, the infamous Leonis Malburg, Vernon's native son. La Villa Basque serves lunch from 11-3 Monday through Friday and the dining room enjoyed a steady stream of partakers during my visit. I wholeheartedly recommend the croque monsieur (Virginia ham and melted gruyere cheese served on french toast with a side of pesto aioli), grilled beef and cheese on sourdough, their perfectly cooked shoestring fries and homemade potato chips. I will be back and I'm not the only one!