Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enjoy L.A. - Eat Out More Often! - 100 things I love about the historic restaurants of Los Angeles

For my 100th post I decided to list 100 things I love about the restaurants and bars of Los Angeles that have been in operation for over twenty-five years. In no particular order.

1. The beef double dipped sandwich at Philippe's.
2. Bill's hamburgers on Oxnard in Van Nuys. Bill is the best and so are his burgers!
3. Miceli's meatball pizza with extra garlic.
4. Tiki Ti's Bayanihan.
5. My favorite waiter- Bobby at the Safari Room.
6. My favorite waitress- Barbara at Little Toni's.
7. Cassell's potato salad
8. Twohey's Stinko-burgers.
9. The 'medium' chili experience at the u-shaped counter at Chili John's.
10. La Villa Basque's original decor.
11. The #4 scramble at Nat's Early Bite in Sherman Oaks.
12. Hirschfeld mural at the Frolic Room.
13. Philippe's incredible salsa. Its only available during breakfast so make sure to get there before 10:30am.
14. In-N-Out burger's double-double.
15. Pineapple margarita at the original El Cholo location.
16. Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes enjoyed in the redwood forest known as Clifton's Brookdale.
17. Smoke House's garlic bread.
18. Papa Cristo's gyro plate.
19. Langers pastrami.
20. Philippe's hot mustard and the fact that it makes a tasty gift.
21. The ambience of the Las Palmas location of Miceli's. The Pig 'N Whistle booths are a plus.
22. Sunday morning at the Saugus Cafe.
23. Hof Hut's Hofburger.
24. Casa De Pizza's Sinatra night.
25. Black Forest pastrami reuben at Brent's in Northridge.
26. Corn dog with mustard and a lemonade from Hot Dog On A Stick.
27. Prime rib at Taylor's Steakhouse.
28. The incredibly skinny front doors at Bun 'N Burger.
29. Bob's Big Boy Toluca Lake car night.
30. The way Philippe's makes their Dolores chili with beef stock instead of water.
31. Pepperoni pizza with 'extra extra sauce' at Adrian's Trattoria in Reseda.
32. A donut from Bob's at the Farmer's Market.
33. The waitstaff at Musso and Frank.
34. Pann's interior and exterior.
35. Lido's red sauce.
36. The Safari Room's bacon cheeseburger, always prepared perfectly.
37. The atmosphere of Tam O'Shanter.
38. The prime rib cart at Lawry's.
39. Eating a Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dog and fries while standing outside the original location on the PCH in Wilmington.
40. Gyro plate from Firehouse in Reseda.
41. The paper cups at Apple Pan.
42. The original Barney's Beanery's extensive menu.
43. Red Lion Tavern's patio.
44. The Buggy Whip's green goddess dressing.
45. The combined taste of the beef and bun at the Hamburger Habit on National.
46. Tam O'Shanter's Hoot Mon! book.
47. Canter's pickles.
48. Philippe's logo.
49. Hof's Hut onion rings
50. Roma Deli's Italian Combo sandwich.
51. The view at Yamashiro.
52. The exterior of Bellflower's Chris & Pitts location.
53. The jukebox at the HMS Bounty.
54. The Original Pantry has been open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, since 1924.
55. Dagla's burger combo. Where everyday is a 'fry day!'
56. Musso and Frank's bread.
57. Dinah's Fried Chicken's interior at their Westchester location.
58. The roasted serrano pesto burger at Hamburger Hamlet.
59. Domingo's Italian Deli spicy Italian sub with sharp provolone.
60. Fried artichoke hearts at The Dresden.
61. The patio at Cat and Fiddle.
62. Al & Bea's cheap molten hot burritos with a side of Libros Schmibros.
63. Johnie's Pastrami Dip, the name says it all.
64. Palermo's free wine while you wait.
65. The huge bar at Tom Bergins.
66. Pecos Bill's pork sandwich.
67. Garlic cheese bread at Antonio's.
68. Jack and coke at Boardners.
69. Pink's cole slaw dog.
70. Tommy's chili cheese fries. If you don't see the shack... its not Tommy's!
71. Trying to figure out the Sherman Room's hours.
72. Norm's early bird specials.
73. El Indio Mexicano's milanesa burrito.
74. Mike's mammoth hockey burger
75. Gravy fries at The Hat.
76. The huge portions at Andre's Town & Country across from the Farmer's Market.
77. Du-par's pancakes.
78. El Coyote - cheese plus tortilla.
79. Casa La Golondrina's patio.
80. Poquito Mas steak burrito.
81. Dino's Chicken & Burgers, toss up between the burger and the chicken & fries.
82. Barone's square pizza.
83. The Baked Potato's logo.
84. The homemade schnapps at Oyster House in Studio City.
85. El Cid's floor show.
86. Simply knowing that 'Hardy Boys' filmed an episode at 94th Aero Squadron.
87. Pesto rigatoni at Two Guys From Italy in Granada Hills.
88. Meatball sandwich from Monte Carlo's Deli/Pinocchio restaurant in Burbank.
89. Bahooka's fishtanks.
90. Patty melt at Rae's.
91. My Hero Subs turkey sandwich with tomato salad.
92. The murals at the Bear Pit.
93. Marty's 'Home of the Combo' with a side of 50/50 fries and onion rings.
94. Steak Corral's mascot.
95. Dolores restaurant's Suzy Q fries.
96. The eternal quest to figure out what San Fernando's James restaurant lists as 'tasty sauce' on their menu.
97. Early bird specials at Billingsley's.
98. Philippe's cole slaw.
99. Cheeseburger at Russell's in Pasadena.
100. The wiener dog logos of Larry's Chili Dogs and Papoo's Hot Dog Show.