Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enjoy L.A. - Eat Out More Often! - Bill's Hamburgers since 1965

Here's another one of those spots that's only open Monday through Friday (from 8:30 to 4pm in this case), so on those rare occasions I have a weekday off I head to Bill's. Located on the industrial stretch of Oxnard Street between Van Nuys Blvd and Kester, the stand was recently written about in Saveur and Los Angeles magazine though it heretofore relied on word of mouth as Bill doesn't advertise.

Bill has been in this location for 45 years, he's the third owner of this little 8 stool hamburger stand and I can't imagine its been without a customer since he opened it. Before the stand Bill operated a restaurant 'down the street' for a few years (also called Bill's) which fell victim to a street widening project hence the move to the current stand in '65. Once upon a time he was open on Saturday's but gave that up fifteen years ago because he got tired of working six days a week. I've occasionally seen people order a pastrami sandwich but its Bill's hamburger that's the star of the show- a deliciously seasoned little griddled patty served on a soft bun. These burgers come with chips on the side because as Bill says 'fries aren't good for you, they're too greasy'. And might I suggest if you're still hungry after one of Bill's single (or double) cheeseburgers simply order another.