Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween in Los Angeles - 1920s Part One

Halloween 1920 - a big spooks' ball is held at the Venice dance pavilion where modern witches in the form of black and orange yama yama girls mingled with goblins, fairies, elves, clowns and enjoyed joker bands. Many of film's elite (Tom Mix, Roscoe Arbuckle, et al) motored down to Tijuana where Baron Long's Sunset Inn promised Halloween frivolities, and of course booze, as 'a "spirited" program is assured in the Mexican village.'

Halloween 1921- dine and dance spot the Cinderella Roof at 6th and Olive held a Halloween Carnival complete with novelty hats, souvenirs and Rudy Wiedoeft's Famous Cinderella Orchestra. The Halloween menu included crab cocktail, hearts of celery, ripe olives, clear green turtle in cup, boned squab, chicken in nest, stuffed tomato, waldorf salad, neapolitan ice cream, petit fours and demi-tasse - all for the sum of $3 including couvert. Equal to about $36 in 2010. Thousands of costumed revelers thronged the streets of downtown. Every policeman on patrol became a "friend of the public" and watched the pleasure-seeking crowd with smiles instead of frowns. The Ambassador Hotel spent more than $1000 (equal to approximately $12,000 in 2010) on Halloween decorations and management supplied fortune-telling 'witches' to their guests.